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Trim Carpentry Services

Honeybear Painting provides full carpentry services. Whether its interior or exterior, we do it all. We install crown molding, base trim, chair rails, and window/door trim. We remove the old trim and dispose of it for you. We will also caulk the finished product while filling all the nail holes prior to painting.

Honeybear Painting also offers full exterior trim carpentry services. We remove any old rotted wood and replace with new wood custom fit to any size. We repair decks and fences as well and bring them back to new.

Interior Crown Molding 

We install new crown molding to transform your rooms into something special. Complete install includes painting.

Interior Base Trim

We replace that old dated trim with new base trim of any size of your choosing. We install quarter round as well. All nail holes are puttied followed by caulk and then painting.

Interior and Exterior Door and Window Trim

We remove old dated trim and replace with new trim of your choice. We will putty the nail holes, caulk and prime/paint.

Exterior Trim Carpentry

Honeybear Painting replaces old rotted exterior trim boards. We also repair decks. Replacing rails, posts, and top decking, garage door trim, etc.

Crown Molding in Mundelein.jpg
Base trim installation in Vernon Hills.jpg
Replacing deck boards in Lake Villa.jpg

What Our Clients Say

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