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Exterior Painting Services

Our Exterior Services.

Honeybear exterior painting services includes the following:

- Powerwashing.

- Scraping

- Caulking

- Carpetary repairs
(loose boards, trim boards replaced, cedar shingles replaced, rotted wood replaced)

- Deck and/or fence staining/painting

- Exterior painting of trim and siding



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Products we like to use for exterior painting.

All good painters are particular about what products they use. Honeybear Painting is no different. There's alot of great products out there but we prefer to use Sherwin Williams painting products.






Our familiarity with Sherwin Williams has allowed us to develop a mastery of their product line. We know the perfect viscosity, coverage, and finish for each individual project while matching it with the effective cost point for each customer.


Color Consultation

Honeybear Painting offers color consulation with every project. With a color expect part of our team, we can provide advice on any color palette you may be considering for your project.

Choosing the right colors is vitally important to a project. The size of the home and lighting can make the same color look different from home to home.

Honeybear Painting has painted hundreds of exterior homes using the Sherwin Williams palette. We have a gallery of images to give you an idea what each color will look like before you even try it.

Check out our gallery in this website or give us a call for a free quote today and we'd be happy to do through the fandeck with you.

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Honeybear Painting Inc.
Lake Villa, Belvidere, and Mundelein, Illinois
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