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Interior Painting Services
  (town homes, single-family homes, commercial properties) 

Honeybear's step-by-step to painting a room.

Products we like to use for interior painting.

Color Consultation

Every interior painting project includes proper preparation. We fill all nail holes, patch all imperfections, cracks and seams. We follow this with sanding the repairs to insure smoothness.


All base boards and door/window trim are caulked where needed. Finish nail holes in the trim are puttied prior to painting.

If we notice water stains on the ceiling, we will use an oil based Kilz primer to seal them prior to painting.

Once all the prep is done, we will start the painting. We always start from top to bottom. Ceiling are always first. We start by cutting the edges of the ceiling with a 4 inch roller followed by rolling the entire ceiling with 2 full coats of Sherwin Williams CHB ceiling paint.

Once the ceilings are done, we paint all of the trim boards except the base trim. Window and door trim will be painted as well. This allows us to more easily cut the walls.











When doing the walls, we cut everything first with a 2-3 inch Purdy brush. We will cut everything twice.

Once the cutting is done, we roll the walls. Almost always, the walls require 2 coats. Using the right roller cover is the key to getting a great finish with optimum coverage. Purdy Colossus 1/2 inch nap roller covers are our preference of choice for rolling walls.

The last step is painting the base trim. We save this for last because its easier to cut once the walls are done. We will apply a minimum of 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Proclassic Enamel.

Interior Stairwell Honeybear Painting Gr

All good painters are particular about what products they use. Honeybear Painting is no different. There's alot of great products out there but we prefer to use Sherwin Williams painting products.






Our familiarity with Sherwin Williams has allowed us to develop a mastery of their product line as well as with a familiarity of their color palettes. We know the perfect product for each individual project.


Honeybear Painting offers color consultation with every project. With a color expect part of our team, we can provide advice and experience in recommending the perfect color for each individual space.

Choosing the right colors is vitally important to a project. The size of the space and lighting can make the same color look different from room to room.

Grays are notoriously tricky. Many can have a bluish hue while others are more warm. And depending on the furniture and floors of the room, choosing the right gray will make all the difference in the world. 


Honeybear Painting has painted hundreds of rooms using the Sherwin Williams palette. We have a gallery of images to give you an idea what each color will look like before you try it.

Check out our gallery in this website or give us a call for a free quote today and we'd be happy to go through the fan deck and help recommend the perfect colors for your space.

Honeybear Painting Inc.

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